Friday, July 15, 2011


hey everyone! We are in the final stages of production but we still a need a little help.

First of all, our website badly needs to be revamped. Any web designers who would like to help out, please let me know ASAP. I don't care if it ends up a blank page with plain text, I just need to be able to post updates and video links easily. let me know!!

We are still looking for a few clips to include in the film:

The first is a short clip of Matt Pinfield on 120 minutes introducing the "Wet Firecracker" video. This aired sometime before Feb 1997, when "Firewater" came out. (the copy we have is cut off at the beginning)

Second, we are looking for any news footage covering Michael's death. More specifically, we were hoping to find an initial report of the crash (which would have aired around July 14-16, 2005) and a story on the sentencing (which would have aired November 26, 2007) with Tim Midgett being interviewed outside the court house (this happened on a few stations but I think the one we are looking for is CBS Chicago). Still, we will look at and consider ANY footage.

If anyone can help with this stuff, please let me know here or at silkworm_documentary at yahoo dot com.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Tim Midgett watched the movie and had this to say about it:

"There’s been a Silkworm documentary in the works for the last six years.

Saw a rough cut this weekend.

Unbelievably accurate, both in the details and in capturing the spirit of the band. I couldn’t have done it, even if I’d had the desire or ability to do it.

I am disoriented to be historicized. I don’t like nostalgia. I don’t commemorate things or reminisce much unless it serves as a commentary on the present somehow. I like to regard things as a continuum, you know?

The film forces me to acknowledge the past, and it forces me to recognize a break in the line between now and back when Andy and I started making music together, as kids. Some amazing footage of Ein Heit being interviewed. Andy must be 14.

Of course Michael’s death is always with me, but a less crushing but still very painful death was that of SKWM. Since Andy and I kept playing music together, I don’t think about that one so much. The movie forces me to think about it.

That said…wow. I’m not sure I have ever owed anyone in my life the way I owe Seth Pomeroy about now. I barely even took any pictures, and now we have this. So flattering, but still to scale. So impeccably done using such minimal source material. It’s pitch perfect. “Oh, it would be nice if he used that one picture right here…shit, there it is.”

Extraordinarily touched, inordinately pleased. On the verge of tears. A bit dizzy.

Thank you Seth, Shawn, Garland, Gerard, Steve, Stephen, Jeff, Heather, Vickie, TK, Dad, Mom, a couple families worth of Browns, everyone else who is in it or talked to these guys or sent them stuff."

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Saturday, June 4, 2011


The movie is "done." The band has DVD's and some people very close to them have seen it and the reactions have all been positive. We are in the process of finishing up and are looking to screen it in September. The website will be overhauled in the coming months as well as this place. THANK YOU.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My cut is almost completely finished. There will be news in May.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


We're still working. Personal issues has limited the amount of time I can spend on the film. We will still be done before the year is up. Thanks so much to everyone who have supported us, it won't be much longer.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

For giggles...

Hey people-

Normally I wouldn't promote my friends or other projects here but something has come to my attention worth sharing. Garland Gallaspy, our lone crew member on the Silkworm movie, has finally garnered some national attention thanks to country singer, Martina McBride. Basically Garland runs around downtown Nashville and yells the name of her new record at strangers. In a word, brilliant.

Now that is major label loot well spent. I suggest not buying this record but if you want to scream "shine" at people in a yellow outfit, I wholeheartedly endorse that kind of behavior.

Also, on the weirder side, here's the first in a series of internet shorts I've been working on with a very loose collective of friends. There's a song used in it very briefly that some of you may (or may not) recognize. This is my acting debut, playing the highly coveted "irritated roommate" role. Enjoy!

(for better viewing, click on the bottom right and select "smooth video")

More Silkworm news to come soon...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chicago- Pitchfork Festival

Hey kids-

The editing stands at about 35 minutes. I took a break last weekend to interview Clint Conley (Mission of Burma) at the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival. The night before, we got to see Bottomless Pit play at Schuba's with the Kadane Brothers. They were astounding. I only saw SKWM once so anytime seeing these guys play is an event for me. They have a new record available at the Bottomless Pit site.

Anyway, I spent the whole night drinking and chatting with SKWM folk and left feeling very inspired about the movie

The next morning, I met up with Garland and Shawn and headed over to the Pitchfork Festival to interview Clint. (Normally, this is where I would put a qoute or a video but it's too late in the game to give out freebies anymore. Sorry.) As soon as we finished, we ran out in to the crowd and watched Mission of Burma play their debut LP "VS" from beginning to end. I jumped around like a little girl, shouting and nodding until my neck felt like it was going to break. Very few shows have dragged this kind of behavior out of me. Needless to say, I was happy to be there.

Now, I'm back in Nashville and there is too much work to do to keep rambling on this blog. Stay Tuned.



Mission of Burma